Outreach & Mission Work

The COMMUNITY Food Pantry Program of Canal Winchester

by Penny Miller

The COMMUNITY Food Pantry Program of Canal Winchester serves both the Canal Winchester School District, Lithopolis and underserved residents of Fairfield County. In 2012, more than 47,000 meals were distributed to those in need and it is anticipated that the numbers will be even higher in 2013. Currently the Pantry serves 1,024 active clients.

Canal Winchester Human Services provides a Choice Pantry that allows clients to choose their foods similar to a grocery rather than be handed a box of pre-chosen foods. In addition to serving families each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, the Pantry also provides "Market Day" which serves low-income senior citizens each Wednesday morning.

In 2012 Hopewell UMC joined three neighboring churches to support a Community Grant provided at the District level of the United Methodist Church. This grant supports the Pantry's FEEDING OUR FUTURE project which provides supplemental food to students in the Canal Winchester and Bloom Carroll School Districts who are income-eligible to participate in the free breakfast/free lunch programs. Through FEEDING OUR FUTURE, children receive the equivalent of one meal for every day during weekends and holidays when they are not in school to receive their free breakfast/lunch.

In addition to the donations of food throughout the year, Hopewell UMC has also been an appreciated partner providing seeds and plants for distribution to Pantry clients, school supplies every summer as students return to school and contributions made to the Adopt A Family Program each Christmas.

For more information about the programs that Hopewell UMC supports through Canal Winchester Human Services, you are encouraged to visit their website at www.cwhumanservices.org.