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Good Works

Good Works is a great organization that Hopewell has been blessed to help on many occasions. Please see their call for help below.

Good Works, Inc.

Greetings friends,

ONE of the initiatives of Good Works is called Neighbors Helping Neighbors. We are now in our 15th year of this aspect of Good Works!

On an average year, we host about 40 different groups who come to serve with us, as well as local volunteers (about 400-500 volunteers each year) who serve with us at the homes of families (mostly widows and citizens who have a disability). We travel from Coolville to Glouster to New Marshfield to Albany and spend time and provide assistance to around 50 families each year. This initiative happens almost every weekend in the fall and spring and for most of the weeks in the summer.

I am writing to ask: Do you know of anyone who has a lawnmower in good condition that they would consider donating to Good Works? We are in need of lawnmowers in good condition, trimmers and riding mowers. We volunteer to help our friends in rural Athens County with lawn care and the wear and tear on the equipment is significant. We are always fixing something.

Can you pass the word for us? Maybe there is a group you are aware of that might consider raising the funds to purchase us some new "heavy duty" lawn mowers?

If you enjoy working on small engines or would like to help us with our maintenance of our lawn mowing equipment, let me know.

Thanks for considering this request!

Love is a verb,

Keith Wasserman

ps- Our summer interns arrive this weekend and on June 15th we will launch a 7-week every day Kids Discovery Club and Summer Lunch. If you would like to participate as a presenter for the Discover Club or want to help out with the every-day lunch or know where we can get food, let us know. MORE information is on our website at http://good-works.net/

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Good Works, Inc.