Outreach & Mission Work

Hazel's House of Hope

by Marylee Bendig

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people will perish.

In May of 2011, I purchased the property at 477 E. Morrill Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43207 with a goal that this would be a mission project. My partner, Cindi Gremeling, and I both had prayed about a place to house women in need. Her first mission project, Girls with Attitude, was successful, but Cindi wanted to expand this project. Not only to reach women, but we would soon realize God had a different plan. After working in the neighborhood, we saw the critical need would soon become community focused. As work began on the house renovation, we were compelled to reach out to families and offer love to those suffering from a myriad of social and economical problems. The need was there and we knew God would supply our every need.

With the help and love of many volunteers, word soon got out that God was working in the neighborhood. He answered prayer many times. Through donations from our wonderful church, Hopewell United Methodist Church, Hazel's House became yet another mission project to glorify God.

Clothing, food, money and time and labor from everyone in the congregation poured in and it was truly a blessing to see God working in this way. There has never been a need that has gone unfulfilled, and we are truly thankful for the answer to prayer and this endeavor.

Some bible scholars may interpret Proverbs 29:18 differently, but I know that this was our message from God and without a doubt to continue to be sustainable, we must obey him to labor to cast off all moral, ethical and religious restraint to do his work.

I thank God for what he has done and thank the good people of Hopewell for their kindness and support for the last two years.

Marylee Bendig